Donation Day
Mondays Only
10am to 2pm

(Volunteers will be in the hallway or, if weather permits, outside on the sidewalk in front of the store.)

We gladly accept items in good, clean condition. However, we cannot take books with broken bindings, or that are torn, musty, smoky, or annotated.

Our space is very limited; please only one box or bag at a time.

If you would not give it to a friend, please do not give it to the Friends!

Acceptable book categories:
-Adult Fiction
-Adult Nonfiction (ex. Art, Biography, Cookbooks, History and Travel)
-Young Adult
We do not take: textbooks, reference materials, or magazines

Alternative considerations for your older or damaged items:


Goodwill Donation Center
7450 Pittsford Palmyra Rd · (800) 466-3945
9AM to 5PM
Goodwill Donation Center
1200 Fairport Rd · (800) 466-3945
9AM to 5PM
Victor, NY · In Eastview Mall · (800) 466-3945
9AM to 8PM
In-store shopping

ALPCO Recycling Center
846 Macedon Center Rd, Macedon
(315) 986-8900
7AM to 5PM

Thank you for your generosity!